Smoke Whispurr

Tabaxi Fighter


Character creation & backstory: Isaiah Robles
Does this character use spells? pending
Character Height: 6’ 5"
Weight: 120 Lbs.
Carrying capacity: 120 Lbs.
Weaknesses: Talks smack – then gets smacked


Behold the legend of a fast, slender and dangerous predator! The menacing feline is a black Tabaxi, famous for the odd grey spots scattered around his body. This 19 year old hero is known as Smoke Whispurr.

The Distant Rain is a tabaxi clan with a coat pattern of plain grey or plain black, however, this exotic Tabaxi and his father have a special coat of fur. Smoke having an all black
coat with grey spots, and his father, Fog Whispurr, having an all grey coat with black spots, both representing their family name; thus the saying was born… “When the Smoke and Fog peer out at Night.”

Smoke lives in a small village known as Nightfall which lies 90 miles north-east of the town of Longsaddle at the edge of The Lurkwood Forest. His father is a traveler and a wandering merchant, selling artifacts that he finds during his mysterious and breathtaking journeys.


Every now and then Fog comes back to his home village of Nightfall to tell his son of all the amazing adventures that he has been on, and he describes in great detail all of the exotic artifacts that he finds along the way. This is where Smoke picked up the habit of pocketing his own interesting “artifacts” that he might find randomly. He often wonders if he’ll ever find a lost civilization on any future journeys he might go on.

One night when returning from an adventure, Fog noticed a crow on a tree branch, and thought it would be a great gift for his son, so he caught the bird and gave it to him. Smoke now wears an exotic necklace that is the skull of the very same crow that his father gifted to him. It helps Smoke remember his dad when he is away on his long journeys.


Recently, a retired elder clan member, known as Vapor Catstitch, leader and founder of the Distant Rain clan, who also once knew Smoke’s father, and often adventured with him, called Smoke over to tell him of a troubling rumor.

The shocking hearsay was that his father had been murdered by someone and his last known location was a small town called Phandalin. Smoke didn’t know what, or who, to believe, but he knew for sure that if this was true, he wanted to know why! What reason could somebody have to murder his father? This motivated Smoke to leave immediately and go find the answer to this question, and he won’t stop searching until he does.

Smoke departed for this little-known town, taking the Long Road south. After traveling about 50 miles he ran into a Kenku, named Nock Knock, who was following the Long Road just like he was. A merchant approached the two, pleading for assistance in retrieving his stolen wares from bandits. After Smoke and Nock Knock aided the merchant, they decided to travel together when they discovered, as luck would have it, they both were heading to the exact same town.

As they came to the crossroad that led to Phandalin they met Corvus Mellori, Tullia and Figgbar Firgan. They all decided to travel the rest of the way together and experienced a number of dangerous encounters along the way.

Smoke Whispurr

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